Graphic Design.

The DIY Indian Bride event 3 poster series

Project Detail

The objective was to create a 3 series style poster for an event that didn't exist and was unique with its own prospective. I ended up designing the 3 series posters for a fictional DIY event for Indian Brides who are on a budget. The purpose/function of the design project was to help future brides on their journey of planning their wedding by having a place where they can see that they can do some wedding projects on their own and save money since weddings can easily go over budget.

Software used:

Ipad Pro | Apple pencil | Adobe Draw app | Photoshop


Graphic Designer


BCIT Graphics and colors for the Web

Design Process


I first started off with a mind map coming up with ideas for what could go on the posters while keeping up with the 3-poster theme. I sketched out some thumbnail ideas, incorporating the key images that are associated with a Indian wedding. The ideas I came up were with bridal jewelry (earrings, bangles, kalera) , bridal wear (Lengha, Chunni, shoes), rituals, landmarks, silhoutes, and bridal Henna (mehendi)


Then from the thumbnails I chose my favorite themes, Bridal Henna, jewelry, rituals, and bridal clothing. Afterwards I proceeded to make roughs of the 3-poster series for each of them.

After looking over the roughs, the Bridal Henna stood out the most for me, with how Henna was unique to Indian Brides and how beautiful Bridal henna looks. I also incorporated a bridal look makeup and face jewelry to fit the theme of hands, feet and eyes

Final Product Process

Ipad Pro Drawings

Using my IPad Pro and apple pencil, I drew out each particular body parts outline on the Adobe draw app. I then proceeded to draw in the Henna design, which took the longest time since each design is so intricate, unique and beautiful. What I love about the Adobe Creative Cloud is how you are able to transfer over the Adobe app drawings into the cloud as a Photoshop/Illustrator document and then proceed to work on the document on the desktop programs that have more features then the app provides.

Photoshop Editing

When taking the drawings into Photoshop, the first thing I did was add more colors, textures and patterns(where applicable) to bring out the drawings (for example, adding a shimmer effect on the bangles on the henna hands poster). After the colorization of the drawings was done, I then proceeded to add shading, shadows, highlights where they needed to be applied, with the most shading and highlights working on the brides facial features when working on the eyes poster to add more definition.

Once I was done with the artwork for the poster, I moved onto information that needed to be displayed on the poster. After I got the content that needed to be on the poster, the next step was placement, and typography. I played around with the typography, trying to get an Indian influence to tie into the overall look and feel of the poster series. Once I was happy with the typography I had choosen, I played around with the layout of the information, until I achieved the right balance of text and white space.