North Shore Coffee Ad

Project Detail

The objective in our video and audio class was to come up with a 2-3 minute promotional piece for a fictional company that we invented. The intent was to present information about and advertise the company/products/services in a exciting and appropriate way. That included professionally produced audio and video components that we scripted and shot ourselves including 2D graphics, with original music/SFX that were appropriate for the feel of the piece.

Software used:

IPad Pro | Adobe Premiere Pro | Adobe Audition | Garage Band

Equipment used:

Canon T5i with 50mm f1.8 lens STM, 18-55mm IS STM lens | Zhiyun crane 2 | Zoom recorder h5 | Sennheiser EW 112P G3-A lav mic | Blue snowball iCE microphone | Tripod | Studio Lighting


Videographer | Photographer | Director | Video editor | Writer


North Shore Coffee (fictional company) North Shore Coffee is an environmentally conscious coffee shop based in North Vancouver. They obtain their coffee beans ethically and aim to produce the least amount of waste they can by encouraging their customers to bring in their own reusable cups or biodegradable coffee cups.

North Shore Script


We first started off by coming up with a concept for our video. We decided on a coffee company because of our own coffee addictions. The name “North Shore Coffee” came from looking out at the Mountains past North Vancouver, and how beautiful Vancouver is surrounded by all this natural beauty. After we concluded that we wanted to do a coffee Ad, we went to work on the script.

We brainstormed ideas on what we wanted the coffee ad to represent. The idea I had was something simple, start off with coffee in the morning, going to work/school etc, and have the script flow from there. Together we came up with the different lines for the ad and created a script that was ready to go onto a storyboard.


After we had our script, we brought it over into a storyboard (using the iPad Pro) and started putting the script into a sequence of how we wanted the video to flow, what kind of shots we wanted and what shots would require which lens.

We then determined the locations where we would shoot all our shots. We ended up picking Prospect Point at Stanley Park, Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver, and driving along with the morning traffic on Lions Gate Bridge.



In total, shooting all our scenes took us about 8 hours, just to ensure we had the right shots, and good audio. Since we shot most of our video outside, we were prone to the noises around like loud planes and helicopters that the mic would pick up, so we would have to wait for them to pass before we could continue (this contributed to more time shooting the video). We also did some indoor shots of pouring the coffee and with the coffee beans using studio lighting.

editing screenshot


Bringing over all our Video, and audio files, we began to edit them on the timeline for Premiere Pro. Lining up our shots the way we wanted it, with the transitions we wanted we added an audio sound track that we had come up ourselves in Garage Band. We composed the video, making sure the sound, sound effects and voiceovers were positioned with the correct clips before taking it into audition to edit the audio and finally rendering the video.

Final result

Even though we didn’t follow our storyboard to the T (time and weather related) , we still followed the flow of the storyboard with the main idea in mind as we filmed. There were some shots that I thought of just recording while filming that actually turned out really well and are my favourite shots in the video. Overall, we were proud of the video we created and I feel like this project woke up the filmmaker in myself. I can’t wait to make more videos telling stories ranging from brand identity to film.