Recent work

Watershed Watch

Watershed Watch Salmon Society Website

Watershed Watch Salmon Society is a science-based charity working to defend and rebuild B.C.s wild salmon.

Role: Web Developer and Technical Assistant

Coding skills: Wordpress | CSS | PHP | HTML

NewPoint Insurance

NewPoint Insurance website

NewPoint Insurance is located in the Newton neighbourhood in Surrey BC offering Auto, Residence, Medical, Fleet & Commercial insurance.

Role: Web Developer, Graphic Designer

Coding skills: Wordpress | CSS | PHP | HTML

Royal Curry

Royal Curry Restaurant

The objective for this project was to design a website for North Shore Coffee, similar to the ad made.

Role: Web Developer, Graphic Designer

Coding skills: HTML 5 | CSS Flexbox/Grid |JS


Joty Dosanjh is a Web Developer, Graphic Designer and Storyteller based in Vancouver BC. In October 2020, she graduated from the New Media Design and Web Development Diploma program at BCIT. Joty initially completed her certificate New Media Design and Web Development (which was then a certificate program) in October 2018. Since then Joty has worked with organizations such as App Growth Network, Watershed Watch Salmon Society and owns her own business Joty Dosanjh Designs.

Design has always been Jotys passion, and in 2017 Joty decided to turn that passion into a full time career. That is the time when Joty came across the New Media Design and Web development program at BCIT. With basic knowledge of HTML , CSS, and having worked with Photoshop in the past, Joty decided that taking this program would be a great way to boost her skills while also gaining additional skills that would allow her to flourish as a web developer/web designer.

Joty's Skills


Mobile Design

Graphic Design

Branding Identity
Desktop publishing


Motion graphics

Frequently Asked Questions
It all depends on the scope of the project, to see the development process check out the Web Development page of Joty's Portfolio
A Content Management System is a software that is used to manage created and modified digital content. For web develpment it is used to manage web content and the most popular CMS is WordPress
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