Graphic Design.

Dark Side vs Light Side of the force

Project Detail

This was a final project for MDIA 1165, Digital Photography. The goals of this project was to take what we learned in class and successfully hold a high Quality sci-fi Photoshop inspired by Star Wars concept of the Jedi’s Dark side vs lightside. Then take those images and be able to make a composition. This creative brief goes over the creative planning and execution needed to pull off that high quality photo shoot got this final project.

Software used:

Ipad Pro | Apple pencil | Photoshop

Equipment used:

Canon T5i


Photographer/Graphic Designer


MDIA 1165, Digital Photography



I used this storyboard layout what I usually use to plan out my ideas for media projects. This helps me take the image I have in my head and plan a way to make it come out in the media captured. I ended up shooting at Watershed park in Delta as it was close, convenient and the setting I was looking for. I ended up shooting both shot 1 and 2 on a 50 mm lens.

I did a test shot for shot 2 first to determine the location and position of the shot meet the concept I was going for.

production step 1
production step 2

After taking the shots from this distance, I determined the location wasn’t what I was looking for as well the distance of the shot.

This location in the park worked better with the foliage and texture of the tree.

production step 3
production step 4

The difficulty shooting in the park was that if I wanted to get the shot of the background a bit darker at a bit of a later time, it would also make it hard to have lighting for Dilrajs face without the trees creating too much shade, I knew I could achieve the darker background in Photoshop.

After putting together the composition image and editing/enhancing the images of the two Jedi’s I felt like something was missing. In Star Wars when two light sabres clash they usually create sparks. I was brainstorming at how I could achieve this in my composition with shooting the images myself. The answer was sparklers. So I took a black poster board, waited until it was dark outside, lowered the ISO to 100, and slowed the shutter speed to 1/15, and started shooting the sparklers until I got a wide range of series of the sparkler in different stages (while having my brother hold up the sparklers).

production step 5
production step 6

Next I took it into the Photoshop document, changed the layer mode to Screen and added a mask, and cleaned up the sparks to make it look more realistic.

Final Product Process

Final result

The first goal was a bit of challenge to accomplish as it wasn’t until I got into the park that I had to worry about the different shades coming in from the trees around while also making sure Dilraj was light well without any weird shading created by the trees.

This environment was a challenge for me with natural lighting and the objects(the trees) bouncing light and creating weird shading. I feel like I choose the best location in the park for photo shoot that allowed me to achieve the look and feel I was going for in this photo shoot. The park was also unusually busy so we had to be mindful of mountain bike trails and people running and making sure we remained at safe social distances.

My favourite part was shooting the sparklers as it was something that I had not taken a picture of before either in terms of low ISO, and shutter speed. I took what I learned in the beginning of this class and Photoshop class at BCIT and made sure the background of the sparkler was black so I could change the layer mode and have it blend into the background with some cleanup from masking the layer.

Also thanks to my Ipad Pro and apple pencil I was able to add in some highlights and shading for the robe as the light sabers light bounced off it.

Photoshoot final