MetroVan Tours

Project Detail

The objective for this project was to come up with an Ad for a fictional Vancouver tourist company.

The purpose function of this video was to promote the tourist company by including popular spots across Metro Vancouver.

Software used:

Adobe Photoshop | Adobe After Effects | Adobe Audition

Equipment used:

Canon T5i with 50mm f 1.8 lens STM, 18-55mm IS STM | Zhiyun crane 2 | Tripod


Videographer | Photographer | Director | Video editor | Writer


MetroVan Tours (fictional company)

MetroVan Tours is a Vancouver based tour guide company that takes tourists on tours across popular Metro Vancouver places.



For this particular Ad, I decided since it was a tour company which involves visuals, the best way to showcase that was having just visuals on the ad with music without any talking heads or voiceover and let Metro Vancouver’s beauty do the talking. Since there were no voiceovers, I went straight into the storyboard, planning out how I wanted the shots, transitions, logos and motion graphics to look like. This made the storyboard a lot more detailed then my previous storyboards for other projects.

Queen Elizabeth Park


As you can see from the storyboard, I had already chosen the places I wanted to film for each of the shots. Some of the places weren’t typical tourist places, most of the places I choose were places I cherished as a Kid. Filming the shots around Vancouver took about 4-5 hours since I had to drive to different places to get the right shot.

mt edit


After all the filming was done, it was time to take all the video files and audio file (from royalty free composer Kevin Macleod) into Premiere Pro and start editing the video. I lined up the shots according to how I wanted them on the storyboard. After I had cut the clips according to how I wanted them, I went to work on the motion graphic in the beginning. I wanted to have the video clips in the background of the title, and then have it zoom out to the first shot. The rest of the clips, I put in the transitions I wanted, added the audio track, graphics with the logo and website information with social media links. Once everything was edited according to what I wanted in the storyboard, I rendered the video.

Final result

Overall, I really enjoyed filming, editing, and composing this video as I was able to showcase the Vancouver I love while bringing back some childhood memories. The editing of the video flows great with the music selected and I feel like the video represented a good branding of a tourist company.