Crioss Shoes Motion Graphic

Project Detail

The objective for this design was to come up with a motion graphic tilte bumper that could be used for an ad for a fictional shoe company called Crioss shoes.

The purpose/function of the design project was to help promote the bright bold colors that Crioss shoes new line of shoes comes in.

Software used:

Adobe Photoshop | Adobe After Effects | Adobe Audition

Equipment used:

Canon T5i with 50mm f 1.8 lens STM, 18-55mm IS STM | Studio Lights


Graphic Designer, Video Editor


Crioss Shoes (fictional company)

Crioss shoes is a shoe company that has recently rebranded themselves with bright and bold but clean styles for their shoes.

Motion graphic sketch


Since Crioss shoes are about bright bold colors, I wanted to incorporate that into the motion graphic. I sketched out this design, with 7 shoes colors representing the colors of the rainbow. Since it was like a rainbow I thought about paint splatter dripping from the title. After sketching these ideas, I proceeded to work on the Photoshop document.



I first started off by taking the images of the shoe with my camera and studio lights. After I got the shots I wanted, I proceeded to take them into Camera Raw and then into Photoshop.

mg edit


After adjusting the settings in camera raw, I went into Photoshop to adjust the levels, and color correction of the image. After I was done correcting the image, I started masking the shoe from the background.

After I was done masking the shoe, I added a Hue and Saturation Adjustment layer above it. In the properties pallet I adjusted the sliders as needed until I got the color I wanted. In the layers palette and option clicked at the bottom of the adjustment layer to limit its impact to just the mask underneath it. I made sure I left the laces and sole of the shoes white. I then put all the layers into a sub folder of each color I made. I repeated this step with each color of the shoe (Violet, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red).

I made sure that all my layers were labelled before I took the Photoshop document into Adobe After Effects. In Adobe After Effects, I made a new composition and imported the Photoshop document. I then went to work with positioning the shoes at different key frames to make it look like they moved across the screen. Since the shoes were all colors of the rainbow, I wanted to make a paint splatter dripping text title going across the screen. So, I used the different techniques of the stroke, and then made each drip point.

Final result

After I was satisfied with the way it looked, I brought in stock video from Pixabay (under creative commons ) and sound from freesoundproject (under creative commons) and put the title sequence together and finally rendered it.