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Project Detail

The objective for this project was to migrate my blog, Polishyourworld from wordpress.com to its own domain on polishyourworld.com with a rebranding and new look.

Languages used:

Wordpress | CSS | PHP | HTML


Web Developer, Graphic Designer, UI designer



Polishyourworld is a blog I started a in 2011 that needed a revamp since I havent posted in over a year.

Information Archiecture


To get a better understanding of which advanced layouts/structure , I looked over the old structure of the blog and looked at the aspects that I could improve on. As you can see from the images, the logo needed work, the nav bar font was hard to read, and overall the blog wasnt structured well.

pyw low wireframe


To get all my ideas down and have a direction towards the new design and what I wanted the blog posts to look like, I sketched this wireframe.

Visual Identity
style pw

Color/Style guide

The first thing I did to come up with a new visual identity for the website was to come up with a logo. Previously the blog site didn't really have a logo, and heavily relied on the header blog. So I started sketching out some logo ideas, before taking it into Illustrator.

Final result

Final website

The final website follows the sketches of the wireframe well and the look and feel of the website is more morden, clean and dosen't relie on images for the identity of the blog.