Graphic Design.

Shoe tips infographic

Project Detail

The objective of this project was to come up with a well-designed infographic that focused on cleaning the different types of leather/fabric shoes that potentially retailers could use in stores to help educate new salespeople in a better way.

Software used:

Adobe Photoshop

Equipment used:

Canon T5i


Graphic Designer


Shoe retailers

Design Process


I started off by sketching out what kind of visuals I would like to incorporate onto the infographic. I also experimented with what kind of layouts worked with the image, including working with different elements and concepts, as well also deciding on how much information would go on the infographic. I decided on the fourth sketch on the bottom right, liking how the different shoe types could be achieved by a double exposure effect on Photoshop. Also, since I wanted people to be learning from the infographic, the chalkboard concept was the most appealing. After deciding on the concept, I went to work on the infographic in Photoshop.

Images, and Photoshop

The First thing I did was gather all the images I needed. For the shoe itself I took a picture with my own camera (Canon T5i), and for the different types of shoe textures (like canvas, patent and suede) and chalkboard images I got from Pixabay. Then I brought them all into Photoshop.

Final Product Process

Working toward the final result

I brought the images into Photoshop, masked the shoe from the background (to be able to do a double exposure effect). I then added a chalkboard background to bring out the shoe more so it wasn’t blending into the background. Later I used different textures on the shoe (suede, canvas, and patent leather) using another double exposure effect to show different leathers/textures that the shoes would come in. Next I added in the different titles associated with each of the textures, then I added the information on how to clean each texture.

Final result

The final result came out just the way I had envisioned and sketched out. I feel that with this design and layout it will be a better way to get the message of cleaning different types of shoes across.