Story Telling.

When Joty got a new PC in 2007, that new PC came with windows movie maker. It was the first time she had worked with a video editing software, and Joty was intrigued. At the time she was gaming with The Sims 2 and decided to make up her own video compellations and that is how she learned basic video editing using windows movie maker. Soon she felt that windows movie maker wasnt giving her the results she wanted. So, she bought pinnacle studios, soon outgrowing that before trying then later buying a version of Sony Vegs Pro.

Sony Vegas Pro greatly changed the way Joty edited her videos. She learned how to make different title sequences using key frames, working with Chroma keys, greens screens and quick shortcuts that speed up her editing.

Thanks to Sony Vegas, using Premiere Pro was an easy transition for Joty. Of course, there were more possibilites with the adobe suite; which included improving her audio with Audition and using special effects with Adobe After Effects. Having worked with making animations with Flash in the past, it was amazing to see how she could also make animations in After effects

The audio/video, motion graphics, and animation work that you see on this Story telling page is a display of all the skills that Joty has learned over the years, and the camera equipment she has invested in to ensure a better final product.