Web Development

WatchOurSix Gaming Review site

wo6 gaming web

Project Detail

The objective for this project was to create a gaming review site dubbed "WatchOurSix"

Languages used:

Wordpress | CSS | PHP | HTML


Web Developer, Graphic Designer, UI designer



Since I am a huge gamer, WatchOurSix was an idea to post gaming reviews and articles.

Information Archiecture

Low fidelity Wireframe

To get a better understanding how the review site was to be laid out on wordpress, I created some low fidelity wireframes. Also keeping in mind a rating system and a masonary style gallery for the news articles.

Visual Identity
wo6 visual

Color/Style guide

Focusing on the logo for the visual identity of the site, I first sketched out the concept I was thinking of before taking it into Illustrator and coming up with this final design.

Final result

Final website

The final website follows the wireframe well and the look and feel of the website , making the website easy to read reviews and news articles.