Graphic Design.

Graphic Design has always been a passion for Joty. It all started in High school thanks to her digital art teacher who opened up a whole new world. Thats where she learned the basic skills for Photoshop (CSS3 at the time) Adobe Flash (now Animate) and Dreamweaver. She was very lucky that her high school had a teacher who was very passionate about graphic/digital design, introducing students to graphic design at an early age.

Since high school, Joty has kept up with her Photoshop skills but thanks to being enrolled in the new media program, she has gained more skills, which helped build up her speed and efficiency.

Joty was also introduced to Illustrator thanks to the New Media and Web design program. Having been use to hand drawing everything and not use the pen tool as much, learning using the tools of Illustrator was a challenge in the begining for her, but thanks to hard work and determination, Joty now knows the program very well.

The work that you will see on this graphic design page is a reflection of all her skills and creative thought process when it comes to coming up with design concepts towards the final product.